Fame spotting
Weedavid spotted Robbie Coltrane in his local Halfords and reminded me of my frequent glimpses of (semi) famous people. I am lucky that I can always remember a face, if not a name, so I can tell when I spot “that Scottish guy who was in Taggart once, and I think he was in Braveheart, and some other Hollywood movie.. er.. Titanic… yeah he was on the deck when they hit the iceberg… ohhh wotsisname….

And every time I am in London I see someone, Colin Jackson, Jennifer Saunders, Lynda Bellingham (in our previous hometown of Aylesbury no less), various other people ‘off the telly’.

One thing I’ve never done is ask for their autograph. Then again I’m not a huge fan of any of them (unlike when my best mate stood next to Michael Jordan and didn’t really realise who he was – aagh!)

So, have you had any brushes with the famous? Did you badger them (in a non-Ron Davies way) for an autograph?