The scanner I purchased last weekend has necessitated a bit of re-work of the ‘office’ at home. Namely shifting the 400 odd videos, and the bookshelf they call home, into the attic. Well originally I was just had to move the bookshelf to get access to the powerpoints behind it, but as ever, the simple plan mushroomed into a complete re-work of the room.

Does anyone else suffer from this self-exploding planning syndrome? The simplest ideas turn themselves into jobs that take 3 or 4 nights to complete.

For example, since moving in we have not done a thing with the bedroom other than slap a bit of cheap Magnolia paint on the walls (to cover a hideous white and royal blue swirly paint effect). So we decided to paint it and put a couple of pictures up. Simple enough.

Now we are painting, adding coving, building a floor to ceiling headboard, installing new bedside lights, and shuffling the furniture around to fit in a wardrobe.

There must be a cure!

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