Via referrer log (ohh how I’ve missed them): You say tomato.
I sincerely urge you go and visit there and stay for a while. Even leave an explorer window open with the site displayed in the background, just make sure you can see the main background colour, and leave it there for a while. V.subtle and (took me a few secs to figure out what was going on).

Also (while I remember) a quick hi to some next/prev sites on the Scottish Blogs and Blogging Brits Webrings.
Scottish Blogs next site: Alex McChesney (although I should really just say hello to him when we get into work tomorrow morning, would be much easier….)
Scottish Blogs previous site: Angus Blog, a weblog for Angus a town in Scotland.
Blogging Brits next site: Orange Socks, not often about but very honest when he is.
Blogging Brits previous site: Bluetealeaf, better known as Simon.

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