Paying for stuff
I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree recently. I’ve long been a subscriber to various ‘ezines’ and of course there are a few tools that make publishing this very website possible. I also use, and have used, some pieces of shareware for quite a while now, and all in all the guilt has become too much.

So Tag & Rename, BlogRoll, LangaList, and soon Blogger Pro. I would pay for the Lockergnome newsletter, but it’s free, as is Winamp. I own PaintShop Pro and Homesite (used to create this site) and WindowBlinds. And of course the behemoth that is Microsoft Office. All the other ‘essential’ programs I use are free. Yes I have used pirate software, yes I have installed and used cracked software, but most times I found myself disappointed and went back to the tools I know and love. The best example is the Winamp and Tag&Rename combination. I’ve used them to manage my MP3s for a long time, and Windows Media Player just doesn’t ‘fit’ for me. Ohh yes MP3s…

So, what software/service do you pay for that you feel is worth the money? Am I missing the ‘best’ piece of software?