Are you pondering what I’m pondering?
You don’t mind, do you? I mean it’s my site and all that, so I’m gonna indulge myself, ok?

What am I doing here? No I don’t mean here as in the world, the universe and all that. I know the answer to that one (it’s 42 in case you are wondering). No I mean here, this website. It started as somewhere for me to store my thoughts and try and empty head whilst I was going through a ‘difficult’ time. Most of the personal stuff was written in that period, with most of the thoughts being scribbled in the aftermath. I started a blog (on DATE) because it was a good way to jot down bits and bobs without getting involved in a longer thought process. It has evolved to what it is today, and that is my current ponder.

What is it? Looking back over the last couple of months the subject matter varies from the serious to the childish (hell look at the rest of todays postings to see that). I veer between extremes.

Ahhh that’s better. See I knew if I wrote this down I would make sense of it… veering between extremes. Think that’ll be the new tagline. That’s me you see, this is who I am. Yes I post to try and gain a reaction, but it IS also true that I post for me, it’s an outlet… and I’ll leave it there for the moment. More to come on this methinks.

OK, I’m done for now. Thanks for bearing with me. Normal service will be resumed shortly. Whatever the hell that is…

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Long time blogger, Father of Jack, geek of many things, random photographer and writer of nonsense.

Doing my best to find a balance.

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