Month: <span>December 2002</span>

Items on list: 10
Items completed so far: 7 (plus a couple of extras)

So for once, I’m almost ahead. I’m off the rest of the week and should finish up my to-do list tomorrow. This is unheard of in my chequered DIY history. So far no catastrophes, and I’ve only sworn once.

AND I’ve managed to order a couple more Xmas pressies online.

BUT my new PC isn’t expected until around the 13th of the month. Which happens to be a Friday. So I’ll be getting a new PC on Friday the 13th. Great. Doomed from the start.

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As Bing once sang…(or was it Frank??)
“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..”

The JavaScript Source: BG Effects: Snow is where I got the falling snowflakes from, although I did modify the sample image a little…

I’m cream-crackered. I’m off work this week but been busy at home doing some much needed DIY (shelves to put up, things to fix..) and today we went Xmas shopping. My feet ache, my sore ankle is throbbing and that’s despite being on as many painkillers as I can take…

Still we managed to get most things bought, a quick trip into Hamilton later in the week and one final lunch time shopping spree should see it all finished. Then I can get back to work next week to recover…

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Xmas theme
Hmmm too subtle? Or just enough?

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Christmas time…
… Mistletoe and RAM… ahem…

Ordered my Xmas pressie, 2.5 P4, 512MB RAM, 60GB, 17″ Flatscreen… yummy, and on the back of a new suite we are now officially broke!

Roughly what will be in my stocking.

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World Aids Day
I’m lucky, neither I, nor anyone I know are HIV+. That said it is not a subject I know much about in detail. So, to mark Worlds Aids Day, I am taking the opportunity to broaden my understanding of HIV, AIDS, it’s history and how it effects people all over the world.

Take a moment today to improve your knowledge or change the way you think about HIV, AIDS and the many sufferers throughout the world.

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