Sales = bad

Just spent a shitload of money on Christmas? Then why not venture out for a ‘bargain’ in the Sales! (Note they are no longer the ‘New Year Sales’ when did that change?)

We ventured out into the Sales. To Braehead (shopping centre outside Glasgow). If I say it was fucking mobbed will you catch my drift? And why do I bother? I hate shopping when it’s busy at the best of times and nothing I bought was particularly good value, in fact the most expensive item wasn’t even in a sale! (Box set of ’24’ on DVD).


Christmas Day recap

Xmas brought, a new PC (a few weeks prior to the event), a shiny optical mouse, extended/enhanced DVD of Lord of the Rings (4 disc set), some nice aftershave called Aravige or somewhat, a Yamaha keyboard (cos I used to play the piano and think it’s about time I learnt to play again) although that was a complete surprise as I thought my PC was my present (the joys of have a sneaky wife). Books (American History and vouchers for Waterstones), CDs (David Gray’s new album and Queens of the Stone Age), emmm a jumper, a remote controlled tank (not full size OR armed unfortunately), a meat cleaver and paring knife (from a Sabatier set that is very expensive so we are only getting bits at a time), and the usual silly toys, wine etc etc.

Ate too much on Xmas day and we all ended up in front of the telly watching Only Fools and Horses. This was rather a disappointment (the act of watching TV not the programme, although it wasn’t great either) as it was atypical of my in-laws household and left the evening kinda flat. Then again I did manage to drink my way through several beers, glasses of wine and half a bottle of Southern Comfort so I don’t imagine my conversation would’ve been up to much!

Planning ahead
Tomorrow we head to Stuarts to meet up with friends and exchange more pressies and drink more alcohol. Sunday we meet up with more friends for a meal and a night out. Monday we recover. Hogamanay on Tuesday, for which, as usual, we have no idea what we will be doing but it will involve a lot of alcohol, singing of songs, and no chance of bed until at least 5 a.m. Wednesday the in-laws come over for dinner and more drinks. Thursday, Friday nothing planned (yet) and Saturday my brother-in-law, his girlfriend and my sister-in-law may come over for dinner and drinks.

This is a holiday right? πŸ˜‰

Right now I’m off to catch up on whatever I’ve missed ‘online’ from the past week or so. I’ll cover all that later…

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