Lacking inspiration/motivation
So I’ll just:
Steal a link from Hydragenic: The Daily Zen (and yes I too must improve my knowledge of Zen).
Point you to Blogatelle for a wonderful picture (and symbology).
Tell you that Vaughan has leisure sickness, no seriously.
Wish Leia good luck with Apt Minds.
Muse over how long the Shirt Off My Back Project can continue (I reckon another 4 or 5 days tops…).
Wonder if Gert’s ‘walnut whiplash‘ is any better (I hope so).
Agree with Michele that Monday has arrived a day late.
Catch up on a couple of days os posting at ScotBlog.
Spend too much time playing an engrossing bike game, another link stolen from Yeah, but is it art?
And wonder how I missed this (via Alex, via Jezblog)

OK, back to work.