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Saturday we ventured through to see the families and drop off an HTML book to my nephew (15yrs old and I just KNOW he’ll be coding like a pro in about.. ohh 2 weeks?). Ended up staying at my parents for dinner, having a few Guinness and a game of Trivial Pursuit. Now I’m at pains to go into my great idea here, as I’m not sure how popular Trivial Pursuit is these days but… ahh hang, it’s not like I’ve got the time to do it so… well… it’s kinda simple… in fact I’m thinking I should really check and see if someone has already done something like this already…

A Trivial Pursuit companion book.

For example, you get questions like: Who was second in the 1972 … race.. ? After much mulling, considering, scratching of collective heads you admit defeat and the answer is given to you (usually in that slightly sarcastic way that implies – what? you mean you didn’t know THAT? ohh I thought everyone knew THAT… I digress).
So you got the question wrong, but you’re an intelligent adult and your mind kicks over and you think.. “well if that person was second… who won?”.
So you ask the assorted peoples and none of them know… enter “The Trivial Pursuit Companion”. Find the question and learn some additional facts..

Q: What is banana oil made from?
A: Coal.
Trivial Pursuit companion says: Banana oil is actually a mixture of amyl acetate, which has a banana-like odor, and nitrocellulose.

Whaddya think? Is it a go-er? Or is the influence of a couple of glasses of wine and 3 or 4 Guinness evident?

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