Northern Hemisphere news: Tomorrow morning (or more accurately the middle of the night) you can witness what experts think will be the most spectacular meteor shower for the next three decades. Advice on where to look is included: “Look up towards an unobstructed part of the sky”. Anyone who looks down, or stands under a tree whilst looking up will see nothing.

In home news I’ve started wearing my glasses to watch the TV. I’m officially on a downhill slope (this is coupled with my still ailing ankle which is taking forever to heal..).

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this site before, you can view the ‘Playmate of the Month’ for your birthday. The reason I mention it now is because it came up in conversation on Saturday night (we were discussing this shirt which friend of my owns).

Speaking of shirts “The Shirt Off My Back Project” is now on Day 42. How many shirts can one man own? Quite a few it seems.

And finally, Meg is worried about the temperature in Scotland over Christmas, but managed to find some time to do a redesign for her Anna (via, it seems, IM, phone and sisterly telepathy from Glasgow, clever girls those…). David passed his bike test, and Pinky joined me in supporting Link and Think.