I know why I’m in a bad mood
At least I have an idea, could it be because I’m reading American Psycho?

I go through phases when I’m reading. I’m aware that I should try and read more of the classics, and generally expand on my staple of crime novels, thrillers and Stephen King.. however I can’t seem to make the break and read, for example, Dickens. I’m stuck with modern classics – Catcher in the Rye, Animal Farm etc. You know, the ones you were supposed to pay full attention to at school but got lost under a deluge of cross examination and interpreted senses.

I’ve got a few books from the previous Booker prize winners list, and continually hunt for a definitive ‘suggested reading list’. There are plenty of sites that point the way, and I guess I can cull a list from those, but, well I’m lazy, can’t someone else do it for me? So what books should I read? Yes dear reader, I leave my continuing education in your hands.