OK, confession time. I used to be a ‘DJ’. Well not often, a couple of weekends in a pub, and a few parties in bowling greens, you know the type (Hey there, can you play some Tom Jones?). We also did a couple of disco’s at a local school, including a professional lighting set supplied by my mate who works in the industry (smoke machine, and 4 large computer controlled lights, only about Β£3k worth of stuff for a school disco.. who said overkill?)

Anyway, at home I have what is probably a reasonable snapshot of chart dance music of the time (Is anybody out there – Bassheads, Y’all ready for this – 2Unlimited, Ebeneezer Goode – Shamen, etc etc) and one, aforementioned, 12″ of a U2 track (scroll down a bit).

I’m listening to it right now. It still stands the test of time, sounds slightly dated but not too bad. It got me thinking, on a Top 10 of remixes (and I’m talking well know ones, generally chart entries) it would probably come pretty near the top, except, well, I can think of only a couple more… Brimful of Asha – Fatboy Slim… maybe Breathe & Stop – Q-Tip vs Michael Jackson and .. well that’s me tapped out.

So, what are your favourite remixes? And which ones have I missed?

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