Pictures of me
For a while now I’ve been toying with adding some pics to this site. Namely a pic of me, just to scare you all away. Trouble is I can’t find one of me that I like and would want adorning my website (I think this says a lot about my state of mind, but I’m not sure what). Add to that the lack of digital camera and complete lack of ability to take a decent photo and you can see we have a problem.

Note to self: When are you going to take a photography course, and buy a decent camera?

Problem is I would be comparing my efforts to this site, or this one, too much and I just know that I wouldn’t measure up.

Mind you I do like what Mr.Zeldman has done with his site, maybe I do need to add some more graphics? Or maybe just some more colour? Or maybe I’m just too damn found of change for my own good.

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