Diet Contest: Week One
Holy crap. I’ve put on a stone in the last 3 months. Now I wasn’t planning on posting my weight here, but I figure that if you’ve read half of the stuff I’ve written here then my weight is about all you DON’T know (I’m also hoping that mass public humiliation will spur me on).

So, without further ado (or even the hint of a drum roll) my starting weight is….. 16st 13lb.

Now I know what you are thinking (what a fat bastard!) and I have to agree. Never fear though, I have a system, a system that helped me lose 2 stone in ten weeks last time around. It is a cunning system, but I ain’t spilling the beans like one of the other competitors (Note to self: buy a dog).

So wish me luck, I’ll share my winnings with you all!

(OK, the last bit is a lie).

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