I have nothing to say about this: The Prior-Art-O-Matic.
“It’s a series of randomly-generated product ideas! It raises questions about the nature of prior art in patenting issues and is occasionally amusing!”

I have a lot to say about this: When is middle age?.
“If I had to pick numbers, then I’d probably choose the range from 25 to 75. Why? Thinking in terms of myself and others I’ve know, I’d say most of us are truly independent of our families and on our own at least by 25 and most of us are dealing with the infirmities of old age by 75. Everything in-between would be middle age.”

What do the following things have in common?
The song Eye Level by Simon Park Orchestra
The song Half-Breed by Cher
The daredevil Evel Knievel
The actress Margot Kidder
The actress Rita Hayworth
The actor Montgomery Clift
The playwright Arthur Miller
An Earthquake in San Francisco in 1989

The answer will be revealed on Thursday (yes that’s a hint, another hint would be if I pointed you to my Wishlist, but I’m not that crass…)