It’s all her fault
A couple of weeks ago I heard about a new game. An online world type thing, and I thought I’d find out some more. Then, as usual, I forgot about it until Caterina posted this.

So I applied to be an alpha tester, and I have to say that I’m not happy.

Oh yes, the game is wonderful, clever, slightly wacky and askew, intuitive, compelling and all manner of other complementary comments.

It is also highly addictive. The kind of “Oh my god where did the last 2 hours go, I should be working” addictive that is never good for job prospects. I’m hooked already, and this is only the Alpha. I dread to think what I’ll be like when the final version is released, I fear my personal hygiene may suffer (but until they get smell-o-net whaddya you guys care?!)

The Game Neverending is a web-based massively multiplayer online game of social, political and economic interactions.