Time stands still for no man

Leia made me think about time.

I can remember watching TV on 31st December 1999, watching New Zealand and Australia celebrate the new millenium. It was mid-day and slightly unnerving.

As a measurement of global distances, time is often the method used.

“Yeah L.A. is 9 hours ahead of us”

“It’s a 14 hour flight, so I’ll arrive 2 hours after I left”

The definition of time (noun): the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues.

The definition of time (verb): to arrange or set the time of.

World Time Zones – Kiritimati is only an hour ahead of us in the UK.

Time Zone abbreviations – handy for non-US, we only have one zone in the UK!

Can you tell the time? ohhh analog, tricky…

Swatch/Internet Time measured in .beats.

Doomsday clock reflects the state of international security.

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