Meant to say

I’m an organised kinda guy, I have a folder on my desktop called Blogstuff into which I put links to articles I want to mention or investigate further. Every now and then (more then than now) I go through it and clear out the stuff I’ve used and the stuff that, on a second read, doesn’t appeal anymore – that’s actually a side issue, the shortening of my attention span these days with so much information available and clamouring for my attention.

So, without further ado, here are a few bits-n-bobs for ya:
The Laws of Applause
Clapping has long been the bond between audiences and performers, but is it losing its meaning?

“The English also gave birth to the catcall, an actual wind instrument brought into theatres for purposes of disruption, although the Spanish used whistles for the same purpose as early as the 17th century.”

The Non-Expert?s Desk
Dennis Mahoney answers anything. In this article he answers the following question:

“Why, when you’re waiting for a lift (having already pressed the ?call lift? button), does someone always arrive after you and insist on re-pressing the button?”

The Leather Man
“Anecdotes of the Leather Man are rich in flavor and run the whole gamut of human emotions. Pathos is often substituted by humorous situations but a strong desire to help the needy and unfortunate is evidenced by the guardianship of hundreds for this homeless itinerant.”

Are Science and Religion compatible?
“We need separations between religion and science, ethics, and the state. But there is an appropriate domain for religion, and in this sense science and religion are not necessarily incompatible.”

That’s enough for just now I think.