Blog life
Meg recently posted about life beyond the monitor you are currently sitting in front of, and I have to agree. I’ve been making an effort to read books this year (spurned on by my wife’s similar New Year resolution which she is sticking to steadfastly), and also to try and get out more (despite my failed attempt to make it to ScotMeet – itself a failure unfortunately).

However I would just like to take the moment [pause] to thank everyone who has visited, commented and contributed to both this silly little site and my life. I feel a much richer person for it, and one thing I don’t do very well is thank people properly or keep in touch with my many new friends (or old ones for that – and yes I know that’s two things but just go with me on this, okay…).

So, to whom it may concern, thank you.

And to Tim Berners Lee, for making all this possible, thank you too!