Month: <span>August 2002</span>

Yet another article about Blogs. Yet another article that doesn’t really say much but regurgitate what is happening and where it might lead (company blogs, journalism usage etc etc) nothing radical here.

It does mention a course being run at Berkeley where the students will produce a blog about intellectual property, and where you can find an excellent resource list.

Whether you are new to blogging, or an experienced blogger, I suggest you check it out, some very interesting stuff there which should keep you occupied for days.


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Up and down.

Up and down.

That’s pretty much me at the moment.

I seem to stumble from one mood to the other, extremity to extremity. One moment craving interaction, the next demanding solitude. Laughter to silence. Occasionally a trick move is thrown, flipping me up and round, dipping and whizzing pasts states of mind, always returning.

I try to capture the rest state, maintain a balance, but it doesn’t seem possible, the tiniest movement upsets the rotation, spinning me up and down. I know it will never fully settle, and another loop kicks in.

Life is a yo-yo.

You heard it here first.

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I have bad habits, I pick my nails, fart, burp and enjoy a good rake in the nasal area. I’m comfortable telling you this because of a recently published survey into such habits.

Conducted by the Science Museum in London as part of an exhibition entitled Grossology, a spokeswoman said: “Overall, we are all pretty gross.”

Get ALL the facts: Survey Shows How Gross We Are.

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The girl went and done it!

Hell, she even blogged on her wedding day! (admittedly it was 4 a.m.). This is the kind of wedding I want to get invited to! Way to go Michele!


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Shocking news. Isabella’s teddy bear is missing, presumed kidnapped!

Get the latest news at Isabella’s teddy bear.

(Bandwagon? Moi?)


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A stunning, fresh, fast paced [insert further numerous plaudits here] piece of television. So engrossing* that Louise and I stayed up all night on Saturday and watched it in one go. We started at 6:30pm and finished watching at about 11 a.m the next morning**.

It is that good.

If you didn’t catch it, either buy it or watch out for re-runs. I missed it on BBC2 but caught the week long airing on BBC Choice, so we taped those ones.

And what better way to spend an afternoon after getting no sleep? Have a BBQ with family (in-laws). The sun came out and we sat about laughing and teasing and avoiding wasps. There is something about that kind of afternoon, as it merges with the evening, surrounded by family that is very comforting and warming for the soul. Just what I needed right now, even if I didn’t realise it at the time.

But now I’m tired.

* Who was it that said TV would kill the art of conversation? I could (and have) talked about this show for hours.
**Each episodical ‘hour’ is shown in about 40 mins, probably due to American TV advertising requirements


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Blame Gert
Online tests are popular, they are fun, intriguing and sometimes accurate. Gert points at a site with a ‘few’ of these so go knock yourself out:
The Atomic Temple Online
As I said, don’t blame me, blame her.

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