World Summit

I’ve been following the coverage of this sporadically, but it doesn’t seem to be going too well at the moment. According to BBC News: Crisis looms over world summit.

The US Bush Administration is, once again, looking for a way to get away with doing what they like. The arrogance of this attitude angers many, including a large number of US citizens, but, and this is kind of childish, I just get the feeling that the US Bush Administration is basically thumbing it’s nose at the rest of the world. The message: “We’re bigger than you and we will do what we want, nah nah na na nah”.

Add to this the lack of discussion on the key issue of climate change (think recent floods, droughts etc) and you have to wonder if the summit will acheive anything of note. Too many politicians involved I think. I don’t necessarily mean those with government affliations, but those people who represent a whole variety of government, social, and environmental groups and are busy making sure that there position isn’t compromised too much. Add to that the plethora of businessmen in there (who undoubtedly have their companies best interests in mind) and we get a curious clash of cultures.

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*Post edited as per Ann Marie’s comment. Sincerest apologies (damn yank… 😉 )