Very Good TV


A stunning, fresh, fast paced [insert further numerous plaudits here] piece of television. So engrossing* that Louise and I stayed up all night on Saturday and watched it in one go. We started at 6:30pm and finished watching at about 11 a.m the next morning**.

It is that good.

If you didn’t catch it, either buy it or watch out for re-runs. I missed it on BBC2 but caught the week long airing on BBC Choice, so we taped those ones.

And what better way to spend an afternoon after getting no sleep? Have a BBQ with family (in-laws). The sun came out and we sat about laughing and teasing and avoiding wasps. There is something about that kind of afternoon, as it merges with the evening, surrounded by family that is very comforting and warming for the soul. Just what I needed right now, even if I didn’t realise it at the time.

But now I’m tired.

* Who was it that said TV would kill the art of conversation? I could (and have) talked about this show for hours.
**Each episodical ‘hour’ is shown in about 40 mins, probably due to American TV advertising requirements

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