Working at home today. Which is good. However as usual I fell into my trap of deciding to do some work last night, so I could get a bit of a lie-in. Of course it doesn’t work that way, never has, I just keep forgetting.

So, turned off the laptop at 00:34 last night, and yes my alarm clock went off at the usual time of 06:45. This was after Louise ‘checked’ that I was in bed last night by slapping me on the arm at 4 a.m., an activity she has done before and which takes me 30 mins to get back to sleep afterwards, once my pulse has come down from the stratosphere. She insists that she sleeps through this. I have my doubts.

One bonus is that I’ll have finished my planned work for today (paperwork mainly) by about midday. The downside is that I know I’ll keep working until about 6ish when Louise gets in. Should make for a nice relaxed Friday though.. well excluding the other 40 or so items on my ‘to do’ list.

Speaking of which, didn’t I read somewhere that an ‘expert’ reckoned that maintaining a ‘to do’ list was counter productive, that in the current high paced world we live in, it was better to classify incoming tasks as, Urgent (do now), Required (do if there is nothing urgent needing done), and Task (ignore until someone requests it enough to be Urgent).

Anyhoo, this was supposed to be a quick post about not getting enough sleep… brain too addled obviously… nothing new there then!

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