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This is all a bit redundant now, but in case you hadn’t noticed (and I’m guessing that this isn’t the only blog/journal/funny little site that you read) the Guardian newspaper which, as Vaughan states, is a fine newspaper indeed, is running a competition to find the Best British Blog. I’d post a link to it, but that would only help it’s status and it’s a bit redundant given my view point.

However as I’m late in covering this, and typically once I’ve read other people’s thoughts I tend to wonder what else I can add to this (rather than repeat), I’ll just stick to the time honoured tradition of linking to some of the people who share my opinion about this:

Vaughan agress we have no bananas.
Meg says her piece and throws in some seconds as well.
Mike points out a key issue with the judging process (namely that blogs are something you get to know and enjoy over time, not one quick look).
Tom almost forgets he has turned thirty, but not before getting really worked up about a bloody stupid idea, and seems to starting a campaign of some sort?
Ohh and he’s linking to places that are commenting on this, but he is only featuring links to people who think the idea of the competition is ‘tacky’.

All in all, whilst £1000 would be very welcome, and I may enter, I’d have to promise myself that I wouldn’t change what I was doing. I’d also suggest that (on the slimmest of slim chances that anyone from the Guardian is reading this) they publish a bit more about why they are doing this, and how it will be judged.

And, yes I’ll let you know if I enter.

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