Old news?

Is it just me, or is this article from the BBC News team a bit, well, …old: Net users seek first and surf later

I thought that this was widely accepted as the primary method of navigation for most internet users (and when I say most I really mean “more experienced”, savvy users). You either hit a favourite site, or you search for some new information (via Google of course).

Yes I do ‘surf’ but not very far from the source these days. I think people are just becoming more aware of what they are looking for and there is much less “surfing to find something weird/cool/extraordinary”, especially since we have MeFi, Slashdot and memepool etc to do that for us.

Or maybe I’m just too experienced on the net for my own good, maybe these surveys should ignore people like me who are set in their ways, and concentrate on newer arrivals in this online paradise (paradise? who am I kidding!).

Lost my train of thought now, what was I trying to say?