“If you send this email to 7 people in the next half hour, good things will happen to you”

I still shudder in disbelief when I receive an email like this. A few friends (and family!) keep sending this crap on to me, and I’m beginning to get annoyed at the few seconds it takes me to delete the damn thing. What I’m wondering is, do people (and I’m generalising hugely here, I know) think that these things actually work?

It’s ridiculous. Considering this report shows that a large portion of people using the internet (whether they are new to it or not) are well off. With that I presume that most are in higher paying jobs and so must be of average, or above, intelligence. That’s not an unfair presumption is it?

So why do I still get these flaming chain emails!!!

They come from friends who I know are at least capable of making rational decisions (well just about all of them ;-)) so what is it about the internet that seems to remove any common sense or decision making intelligence that they have… are we living in a conditioned illusion? Are we sheeple? Or am I getting my references mixed up?

OK, I’m cranky and tired but I think that little piece was quite cleverly worked, it’s almost like I thought about it before I started typing… but I ain’t that clever… but you know that… and now I’m rambling.

Time for another coffee.

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