Or is it early? Nah it’s late. I can’t sleep. She’s not here lying beside me. I suffer the same way when I am away with work. Spending long nights in an alien bed, watching whatever is on late night telly. I suppose I should be used to it by now but I’m not and don’t think I ever will be.

And she won’t be back until Friday night.

I’ll be a sleep walking wreck by then so advanced apologies for any non-sensical rambling posts I make between now and, ohh, next week sometime. On the other hand I don’t apologise for rambling non-sensical posts when I have no excuse so why should I bother know? Know what I mean?

Anyway, our oldest nephew goes into hospital tomorrow for the final surgery in a long series. He has left-side palsy and had no muscle in the left side of his face and has no muscle in the right side of his chest. He has been getting reconstructive surgery for the past 5 years or so (probably longer) involving transplanting nerves from his leg to his face, adding gold to the inside of his eyelid (to make it close properly), taking muscle from his glutimus maximus to be inserted into his cheek, and now they are.. well .. yanking the cheek down to get the proper alignment.

So Louise is staying at her sisters to watch the other nephew and our two nieces.

In short I have no right to grumble that I can’t sleep, as you all know, sleep can be caught up on. Shame on me.

And fingers crossed for my nephew.

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