Misc. Wanderings

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Leanne is looking very nice these days, Chapter 2 of the naked novel is now online (via blogatelle), the stranger is quoting U2, Pinky has redecorated, and is enjoying the story from Murphy and the Bricks, based on a poem by Pat Cooksey ‘The Sick Note‘, Jennie has found her dream job (and works ‘ubergeek’ into her blog – show off!), Gert doesn’t come from Exeter, the ButtonMonkey gets ruthlessly efficient (and yes I am jealous, why can’t I be like that), I can sympathise with Caroline having had my ‘position made redundant’ twice in the past, and finally Amy mad me laugh – I hate that fart song game though…

Right, is that me all caught up? Ohh it isn’t.. well you can meander on down to my BlogRoll (right a bit then down), might see you there!