Bye bye PC?

My home PC is now some 5 years old. A geriatric which is showing noticeable signs of old age. So I’m looking for a cheap way to get something new. I mainly use the home PC for email, surfing, designing web sites (sorry, mucking about with HTML), a little graphic work, letter writing and listening to MP3s. Do I really need a PC?

Apple – Switch is trying to convince me otherwise, and I must say it is very persuasive. I’ve got a mate who just purchased a G4, I think a visit is called for to see what all the fuss is about. Maybe…

I’m actually an ‘old’ Mac user – Mac Plus and SE (this followed on from old BBC MicroComputers), so it might be fun to see how far they have come as, bar a brief flirtation with a PowerPC about 3 years ago, I’ve not touched a Mac for ohhh 10 years? Probably longer.

Hmmm whaddya think?