At last

A community-edited guide to Kuro5hin! Ko4ting. Probably best to start with What is Kuro5hin?

The religion of Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola in Latin America: “Coca-Cola plainly stands as an unvarnished symbol of neoliberalism and modern corporate mercantilism”

Again globalization hits the news, but it is beginning to become more and more unbelievable. This article shows, once again, how little we know of what goes on around the world, and how dangerous the creeping of branding, that is evident in many regions and continents, can become. Shouldn’t the world’s politicians be slightly curious as to the vested interests a soft drinks company has with the President of Mexico?

More clever stuff
OK, I think I’m up and running now (it’s a bit unnerving when Blogger goes down for maintenance just after you’ve been trying out a new script. You can’t help thinking… oops was that me?).

a href=””>Meta Linker is now in full effect y’all. A simple idea, but could prove useful/fun/annoying. Have to wait and see which. Simply click on the [~] after each link to get a listing of other sites linking to the same article or website. (via Plasticbag as I’ve mentioned already I think).

Philosophical Quote
“Against the disease of writing one must take special precautions, since it is a dangerous and contagious disease.”
Consider me infected. Or does he (Peter Abelard in Letter 8 to Heliose) mean real writing, you know, novels, and stuff like that, after all this isn’t even journalism, or is it?

With apologies to Vaughan, I should forewarn you all (all? ha ha ha, makes it seem like there are more than four or five people reading this…) that over the coming weeks I will probably (although possibly not) be talking about wonderous goals, ludicrous refereeing decisions, and last minute winners. Yes, ladies and gentlemen [cue drum roll] THE WORLD CUP IS COMING.

To be honest the sooner it starts the better, that way we will stop getting the news filled with reports about David Beckham accidentally being hit in the nuts/knackers/gonads/testicles with the ball during training. With pictures. Good grief.