Scruples Saturday

Saturday Scruples (late again…)

1. You’re becoming famous as a singer. Your manager advises you to improve your image by campaigning for a worthy cause. Do you do the right thing for the wrong reason?
Well yes and no. If my new found celebrity status allowed me to support a worthy cause with some impact then yes I would. But no I wouldn’t JUST do it to improve my image.

2. A friend asks you to write a letter of reference. He’s poorly qualified for the job. Do you refuse?
Yes I refuse. It would work out worse for everyone concerned as he would ultimately be found out. Not good for his future job prospects and a blot on your own copybook too.

3. You’re a hockey player. Your team plays dirty and starts a bench clearing brawl. The team needs your muscle in the fight. Do you help?
Yes. It’s all about the team. (Easy to say no to this one, but try it in the heat of the moment!)

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