Scruples Saturday

Saturday Scruples (yeah yeah a day late…)

1. Outside a liquor store, a needy person offers to watch your bike while you’re inside. He needs to be trusted. Do you take a chance?
No. I would lock it up, and thank them for the sentiment, probably chat with them a little about the state of things, and ensure that they knew I appreciated the offer. I would do the same if I saw them again. A sad indication of our time.

2. You’re at a red light at 2 a.m. There’s no traffic in sight. The light is taking forever. Do you drive through it?
If I can see clearly in every direction, YES.
(If I did get spotted and pulled over it would allow me to go into my “haven’t you got anything better to do Officer” tirade. Not had the chance to dust that one off for a while..)

3. You’re in charge of a stakeout for a rapist. At risk of tipping off the rapist, do you warn women in the neighborhood of the danger?
No, if I’m in charge that sucker is going down!! Extreme prejudice will be deployed and if he so much as LOOKS at a women the wrong way – BAM! Seriously, yes it would be a risk, but if there was a controlled stakeout it is probably manageable, so no I wouldn’t tell anyone. Better that he is caught and put away, than tipped off to disappear and commit crime elsewhere.