Ohhh almost forgot. Cows are scary.

I was driving back from the skip yesterday morning, and on rounding the bend came across 3 cows wandering along the road. Another car came from the other direction, and the cows turned round and started trotting towards my car. Straight at it. Now trust me, cows are quite big, and it only took about 0.00001 of a second before I started wondering how much damage a scared/angry cows could do to my car. My hand nervously hovered over the horn (of the car, not the cow) and I started to will the cows to change course. About 10ft. from the car they did. Phew.

Although I’m pretty sure one of them was giving me the evil eye as it trotted past, I’m hoping it doesn’t leap out in front of the car the next time I’m taking stuff to the skip, or maybe he’s planning on ambushing me next time I’m on my bike, or maybe he’s passed the word round his friends, as I’m pretty sure I was getting the same look from a cow we drove past today. Oh dear. I KNEW I shouldn’t have eaten those hamburgers before we went out…