Rather than post a whole host of differently timed links I’ll just pull them together here (courtesy of w.bloggar):
hydragenic prompts another addition to the MUST BUY list.
spinning-jennie helps raise money, runs really far and gains a LOT of respect! You go girl!
“accidental. screw planning.” The ‘lean, mean packing machine’ has finished her move it seems and is worrying about spiders. I haven’t the heart to tell her that there is one on the ceiling above her head right now!!!
Caterina is building an installation, and letting us all know that Yak milk is Pink. Smart woman that one.
Great Books and Classics (via mybluehouse). A better reason to go blind by staring a computer screen until the wee hours of the morning…
Go get a new wallpaper courtesy of the Hubble space telescope.
A deep philosophical question: What’s Better? Answers can be found here.