Feeling much better, thank you to everyone who passed on various remedies, from chicken soup (which I thought was better for the soul?) to the message of ‘pull yourself together, bloody men, can’t handle a little sniffle…’ – thanks to all.

So what did I miss? It was odd being away from a computer for 5 days. I read 3 books, watched far too much daytime TV, slept almost exactly twice as much as I normally do, and progressed through a couple of levels of ICO and Jak and Daxter.

I even managed to get some gardening done yesterday, grass cut and edged, some debris lifted from the side of the garage, and the whole back garden now looks tidy and cared for, if a bit sparse.

So bear with me for the next couple of hours, as I’ll no doubt be posting links and comments on week old events. Yes I’m shocked that two missing bolts could cause a train disaster, yes it is ludicrous that a footballer can earn ~£100k a week as a salary (hands up everyone who would take that for a year!), and yes I do have tickets for Attack of the Clones.

So onward I go, to hit my favourite sites. Here’s hoping you’ve all been up to more than me!