OK, let me run this by you. I wanna see if it’s just me or whether this is reasonably common (well common in people like us – you know what I mean).

Sometimes I like to do nothing, well more often than not actually. I’m adept at finding excuses to not do something. Take, for instance, the cupboard over my right-hand shoulder. When we moved in it was a handy place for all that ‘other’ stuff that doesn’t belong in our bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc etc. (for example, a bag of cables, old mice, and a soundcard; a box of memories from Louise’s 21st; some Xmas presents we’ve still not given out; old winter coats; cycling helmets; a box of CD singles; a picture frame; some old placemats; and a myriad of stuff I can’t even see).

Right now, this very second, I have an urge to start tidying it out. The urge is very strong, and I know it will build over the coming day or so and I’ll probably end up starting it by Tuesday night.

It’s that kind of urge I want to ask about. Is it just me? Or do you occasionally gets ‘bursts’ of energy, urges to tidy up, do all those little jobs you’ve had on your list for so long. An urge to just NOT sit about and watch crap on TV.

I don’t get that kinda urge often, but when they do, boy, don’t get in my way, I’m a regular one man whirlwind.

Mind you I still haven’t cut the grass…

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