Scruples Saturday

scruples saturday 04.20.02
1. as a famous athlete, you are offered $100 000 to endorse a product you wouldn’t use. do you endorse it?
No. No way. Against all my principles. And anyway if I was a famous athelete I wouldn’t need the money!

2. a friend who is a strict vegetarian is coming for dinner. you’re feeling proud of your bean stew until you remember that you used a beef stock. do you keep quiet and serve the dish?
I’d be tempted, but no. Friends are too valuable to lose over something as silly as that. I’d explain, apologise and take them out for dinner.

3. on an airplane, an old man asks if you will change seats with his wife so they can sit together. you came early to get a window and don’t like his wife’s location. do you move?
Hmmm depends how long the flight was. Short flight I probably would move, longer flight… probably not. Selfish maybe, but I’m 6’0 and big built so I need my comfort!! Please don’t hate me….

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