Bed soon, Big Day has worn me out, and I don’t think a hard game of 5-a-side helped (neither did losing 10-1 mind you).

Before I go a few weird and wonderful little links to waste your time with:
Queen Mother memorabilia and yes I think it’s for real… scary!
A much needed 404 page.
Find out how gay you are.
Any excuse to show Kylie’s bum in those hot pants.
This clever little thing will make an appearance on my site v.soon.

And finally….

I’m just amazed at how many people stumble across my site as the result of some rather weird Google searches including, but not limited to:
david gallagher pics
necrotizing fasciitis pics
arlington road cemetry
gandhi’s seven deadly sins
Winamp 3 skin
“for the birds” pixar screenshot
animated gif compost

Hang on.. animated gif compost??