Blowing Wind. No, not my new hobby, but the horse I pulled out of our office sweepstake for the Grand National. Initial reaction: “Blowing Wind? Flaming heck, sounds like some also-ran donkey…”

Reaction after reading the above news article: “You mean people actually fancy it to win? Wow…”

I did win last year’s sweepstake (Ahh Papillion) but I don’t expect a repeat to be honest. I just can’t hear a commentator screaming “And it’s Blowing Wind, down the last furlong, stretching his lead. BLOWING WIND IS GOING TO WIN THE NATIONAL!!!”

Passing Time in the Loo Volume 1. Badly named, as it can also be read on the train or during your lunch break. Admittedly you do get some funny looks when people catch the title, but it’s a very good way to quickly brush up on your general knowledge. Ohh, did I say I may be going to a pub quiz next week? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yahoo! Search Results for pubic cubes – SCARY! I know the context I mention them in, but it beggars belief that someone was searching for that term! (Note: Search result points to old site location).

Ohhh and whoever was searching for “couple oil wrestling”, and found my site, please drop me a line. I’m just intrigued…

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