Tee hee. Just off the phone to a customer services woman for my home insurance company. I received a letter from them telling me I’d missed a payment (via direct debit). So I phoned yesterday and obviously caught her in a bad mood (although I didn’t think so at the time). She was rude, talked over me, talked down to me, and halfway through her making the same point a third time, I hung up on her. Not something I usually do, honestly, but she was PISSING ME THE HELL OFF!!

So I phoned back today to resolve the situation (new account details hadn’t been sent out by my bank). The same woman answered, and was all sunshine and light, very cheery, took her time to listen to me, and, and this is the best bit, apologised to me for their phone system which had ‘cut me off’ yesterday. It was all I could do not to laugh down the phone at her. She assured me she hadn’t hung up on me and that it had happened to a few other callers that day.

Which leads me to presume the whole of her office was in a bad mood yesterday.

I won’t name and shame as she was very nice to me today, but if you live in the UK and can think of a logo with multicoloured bowler hats in a grid then you may know who I’m talking about… 😉