SXSW Interactive. Everyone seems to be having fun (check my links page, pick a link and go there, if they are at SXSW you will know all about it…). Which is good as I must admit it did slightly worry me, all those geeks away from their computers, interacting, socialising with other people. Could’ve been a disaster waiting to happen 😉

Made it to the gym this morning at 7 a.m. only to find a notice telling me the water would be off between 8 – 10. Very annoying. Why not 9 – 11, when the people who do go in early will probably be at work? Still I got about 45 mins so that’s better than nothing, and the walk to work takes about 15 mins, so I suppose in total it’s not too bad. Especially considering that a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have been doing ANY exercise at all.

Whilst I was walking I was thinking about all the differing pieces of advice I’ve been given, read and pondered on myself. Who to believe?

My brother-in-laws girlfriend is a nutrionist (nutrionalist?) and has been helpful, I’ve read of low-carb diets, and Louise is currently on a low-fat diet, and the government is constantly telling us to eat this, avoid that, so I’ve devised my own diet which you can all follow.

Eat what you want in moderation.
Have fruit instead of chocolate.
Don’t deny yourself if you REALLY want something, just have less.

Simple. 23 lbs in 8 weeks for me so far, so it MUST be working.