Vanilla Rugby

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Vanlla Sky Soundtrack – Probably the best part of the film. Which we paid money to see on Friday. Actually that’s not very fair, the story was good, slightly quirky, but way out of Mr.Cruise’s league. With the right actor in the main role this film would have grabbed you and pulled you in, as it was you didn’t ever feel involved enough with the main character to care about what was happening to him. I would also credit the director, and cinematographer, well thought and and shot movie, a few clever little bits early on that don’t become apparent until later on. The music was still the best bit – especially the hypnotic Radiohead track, which I’ve currently got playing the background.

Ohhh and don’t talk to me about the rugby. I’m taking what consolation I can in the fact that England are currently rated 1 or 2 in the world. Scant consolation, but it’s something I s’pos. Pah…