It startles me sometimes, how easy it is NOT to notice things. Whilst I make no claim to be the best manager (or team leader, whatever) around I like to think I can gauge the moods of my team. I try to be open with them, sometimes when I shouldn’t. I have a basic realisation that there is more to ‘management’ than facts, figures, resources and workloads. There are people involved. Now I’m not the sharpest tack in the box but it seems to be kinda obvious, yes? Then why can’t ‘senior management’ see it too? I’m debating about sending this link round (see point 2) – Communicating Corporate Change.

Visited a friend last night, she’s out from hospital after surgery and still pretty sore, kinda miss her being around, so I think I’ll be visiting quite often. Get Well Soon.

Thursday, one day to go before the weekend. Joy.