New Something

So first day back at work. Still the same gripes and moans… none of which I’m going into in case someone from work reads this and thinks I’m trying to undermine things, ohh and if someone from work IS reading this, come and sit in on one of the project meetings, they’re a barrel of laughs!

Still not switched ISPs, will be phoning my new ISP tonight, and getting that end sorted out. Then I need to finish the re-design I’m still playing with, and then I need to shift this site, and two others to the new ISP, and get all the links and pointers sorted out… Oh and update the other two sites I maintain, as I’ve not touched them for about 6 months (me bad).

So it’s a NEW Year, I wonder what it will bring? Well I’m no fortune teller, but I do currently feel like updating the site a bit more often, and I’m actually looking forward to my first serious exercise for over 3 months. Yes 5-a-side has started again. I give myself 10 mins before I cough up a lung or three (everyone’s got 3 lungs right?).

And yes I’m on a diet.