Month: <span>July 2001</span>

Wednesday. In two weeks time we will be fully moved into our new house. It can’t come soon enough. Everything that we disliked about our current lodgings, the decor, the lack of parking, the noise from the road, even the minor annoyances like the shower being too hot in the mornings, and that damn squeak in the bedroom floorboards, are becoming major bugbears. My propensity for swearing seems to be increasing in direct proportion to the falling number of days we have left (eh? aww you know what I mean). I’ve been trying to figure out why.

We never got this annoyed and hacked off before, and you’d think we should be saying: “Oh well, only a week or so to go and we’ll be out of it anyway…”. But we’re not. So I apologise to everyone if I seem to be in a bad mood for the next couple of weeks. That’s because I am.

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Japanese Engrish Is this funny? Should we be laughing or offering to help? Or should we… ahh hell, it’s funny… go see it, and thanks AnnMarie!

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Glasgow Fair Monday, there are small wispy clouds dotting the blue sky, it’s sunny and warm. I’m working. What is wrong with this picture?

Really need a holiday, and chance to re-focus and gather my thoughts. The last two months have been crazy, lots of change at work, lots of change at home (new house). So much going on. I’ve got a list of things I want to do on my desk. Basic routine stuff much of it, defrag my PC, clean it out at bit, install some new progs I’ve had sitting about for ages. Start work on a couple of projects, convert my CD database to a new format, etc etc. Unfortunately I’m having to be all grown up and take care of things like mortgages, life assurance, wills etc. I wish I didn’t have any responsibility, life would be so much easier, but I’m just not that selfish (Yes I am selfish but not THAT much..).

Do you wish you could be a kid again?

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Weekend recap: sick nephew is getting better. That’s all that matters right now.

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Don DeLillo’s Bum Luck – interesting article. I’ve still to finish Underworld, it’s one of those books I pick up and put down every couple of weeks, and I’ve probably spent more time re-reading it than anything else. Wonder if Caterina has read it…?

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My sister is at university, achieving what I never did (yes I’m a dropout). I’m so proud of her, and love her so much, it hurts to hear her bad news. She may have to alter the direction of her course as she can’t get to do one of the modules she really wanted to do. And I’m powerless to help her. I reassure myself that she is smart, kind and will have a good life no matter what it throws at her, the attitude she has is a gift, and it will get her through most things.

But I just want to give her a hug.

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My employers have started a Wellness scheme. All the (voluntary) participants have to undertake a physical examination, which will gain us a rating and a set of goals to achieve personal ‘wellness’.

What intrigues me is how the mind and body are so inextricably linked. If I am physically tired and sore, I don’t think straight, and don’t function 100%. If I am really tired I get emotional. I get a lump in my throat at the slightest schmaltzy thing on T.V.

I also heard an article on the radio about a primary school that has introduced T’ai Chi at their morning assembly. The aim is to ensure the kids are fit and healthy and can concentrate and learn in class.

I had a couple of weeks off from football (well exercise in general), and getting back to it I noticed I had regained my drive, my work ethic. Is this the definition of ‘wellbeing’?

How can this be? Wellbeing is, by my definition, a contentment of mind. A happiness in your own space, your own place and definition in the world. Friends of mine have been through a lot recently, and as they make their way back to happiness they will establish their own sense of wellbeing, far different from mine, or yours. This wellbeing is not linked or related to physical fitness, or attributes. It is a strength of mind.

Like every strength, it can be exercised. You can practise and train it to perform to you advantage, and with it you can build an alliance strong enough to get you through anything. Anything.

So take heart, wellbeing is a state of mind. You can control it, you can alter it in any direction you desire.


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