Downward spiral. This week sucked. That’s the best way to put it. In this age of instant communication we are getting the sum amount of squat from our bosses. (Ohh and if any of you guys from work read this, feel free to point them here, I’ve said it so many times now I’m blue in the face). I feel defeated. I don’t feel like being ‘up for the challenge’. But maybe that’s just today (well this week..).

House moving is become stressful. The current tenant of the house was away so we couldn’t get in to measure for carpets. We wanted them down on Monday the 30th July. They take two weeks to order and they haven’t been measured up yet. You do the math. All in all not a very good week. I know I can control this, I know that next week will be better because I will make it so, but bottom line is… this week sucked.

Positives: nephew is better, parents had a good holiday, and Louise and I grow closer and more content every day. Focus on that, and life seems good. Well life is good, just not this week.

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