My employers have started a Wellness scheme. All the (voluntary) participants have to undertake a physical examination, which will gain us a rating and a set of goals to achieve personal ‘wellness’.

What intrigues me is how the mind and body are so inextricably linked. If I am physically tired and sore, I don’t think straight, and don’t function 100%. If I am really tired I get emotional. I get a lump in my throat at the slightest schmaltzy thing on T.V.

I also heard an article on the radio about a primary school that has introduced T’ai Chi at their morning assembly. The aim is to ensure the kids are fit and healthy and can concentrate and learn in class.

I had a couple of weeks off from football (well exercise in general), and getting back to it I noticed I had regained my drive, my work ethic. Is this the definition of ‘wellbeing’?

How can this be? Wellbeing is, by my definition, a contentment of mind. A happiness in your own space, your own place and definition in the world. Friends of mine have been through a lot recently, and as they make their way back to happiness they will establish their own sense of wellbeing, far different from mine, or yours. This wellbeing is not linked or related to physical fitness, or attributes. It is a strength of mind.

Like every strength, it can be exercised. You can practise and train it to perform to you advantage, and with it you can build an alliance strong enough to get you through anything. Anything.

So take heart, wellbeing is a state of mind. You can control it, you can alter it in any direction you desire.

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