Laughingly down

Nuts. I had planned to follow my carefully planned and thought out ‘to do’ list this week. It’s only Monday and I’m already behind. Bummer.

Still the sound of C’s laughter is cheering me up no end – you know the type, infectious and makes everyone smile.

Slightly concerned about a friend’s well-being at the moment, I’ve offered her support, just hope it’s not too serious and can be solved. Begrudingly paid my gas bill today. I’m hatching a scheme to try and get them back, but keep getting Bottom-esque exploits with gas pipes popping into my head – for those who don’t know (and I had really better explain) Bottom is a ‘sitcom’ by Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson which is … well sitcom isn’t really the word – anarchic comedy based around gratuitous violence and sex might be a better description… or it might not…

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