Hanging on

Stationary, moving fast. That’s my current state of mind. It seems things around me are moving fast, and I’m clinging on. Professionally this is a good thing, well a good thing as the company is moving fast. What this does mean is that everything is reactionary, I can no longer plan my work. I fully realise that this is because my role is so fundamentally different from previous jobs, and in a way it makes the whole thing exciting.

Downside is that a lot of my time seems to be spent doing things for other people, adding items to my ‘To Do’ list (Yes I do use one), and leaving less time to do the things I need to do for my team. Could I have prepared better? Anticipated the upcoming workload better? Maybe slightly but not much. I feel a bit like I’ve just grabbed onto the end rail of a fast moving train and I’m hanging on for dear life. My grip is OK, so I’m not going to fall, but there’s that constant feeling that if my foot catches on SomeTHiNG substantial I’ll let go quickly. Question is: do I want to let go?