Confused – yesterday all I got was Seems I jumped the gun a little, especially after reading EVHEAD!: Essay. Man I shouldn’t react so fast.

Maybe that’s the problem I am suffering with at the moment, maybe I should be more grateful for what I have, recent news from a friend makes me think otherwise though. Why should I put up with it? Is it just me? Just my perception of what is happening? Am I that wrong? I often wonder if it is my expectations that should change, but as I’ve discussed with this with different people I realise that is not the case. Those conversations highlight one thing, I’m not the only person who feels like this. Question: should I stand up for what I think? Do I go against the grain and risk being ‘black-marked’? Do I care if that happens? My entire attitude has changed over the last year or so, expectations raised have fallen hard, so I suppose it depends on how many times I can pick myself up.

There is another question concerning who is raising the expectations and I am aware that it is largely my doing, but that is human nature, something that needs to be taken account of, and which, at the moment, is being neglected.